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Psycho coding, parapsychology of remote influence – "Gryphonocode 23

Psycho coding, parapsychology of remote influence – "Gryphonocode 23"

"Psycho coding, parapsychology of remote influence – "Gryphonocode 23". Remote, cognitive, parapsychologist coding. Burnout at work, in the family, career, business. Society and the psyche. A parapsychologist for LGBT influence.
Yuri Alexandrovich Yegorov is a Russian pianist. In 1976, he emigrated to the Netherlands, stating: "I'm gay. In Russia, homosexuality is considered a form of insanity. I lived with the complex that I was mentally ill. And if your homosexuality is discovered, you are entitled to five to seven years in prison. I had to hide, and I hate it.
To start my purely personal request for help, I had to give an example from an open source - "List of famous lesbians, gays and bisexuals in Russia" link to the source:- https://dic.academic.ru/dic.nsf/ruwiki/1636644.
LGBTI was no exception, as many have since childhood, I noticed that I am not such a person as many. As well as through what I personally had to go through as a child, at school, at the institute, I will let go of these moments of life. I was born and raised in Moscow, the capital of Russia. My family belonged to the fifth-generation intelligentsia class. My good friend and my love from the city of St. Petersburg.
Apparently, this was destined by the supreme matrix, the supreme mind, the fate of karma of fate. I met my love in St. Petersburg at the department of Tatiana Chernihiv.
LGBT people in Russia
LGBT — English LGBT) is an abbreviation that originated in the English language to refer to lesbians( Lesbians), Gays (Gays), bisexuals (Bisexuals) and transgenders (Transgenders). The term has been used since the 1990s and is an adaptation of the abbreviation "LGBT". LGBT community or queer community-a community of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) people and people of other orientations and genders... To put it mildly, they do not relate to a good decent understanding. My friend and I are tired of the attacks of society in the Russian Federation.  There is nothing else to do but to emigrate for permanent residence with a friend to another country, like the United States. When my friend and I made the decision to emigrate to the United States, New York. Then for a very long time we learned different information in other countries how to treat them in countries. The most favorable countries for sexual minorities. List of tolerant European countries most loyal to sexual minorities. Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Portugal, France, Finland, England, Norway, Belgium, Malta.
LGBTMy friend and I chose the country of the United States, New York, so both of us were fluent in English. The main role in choosing a country for LGBT people was undoubtedly chosen in the economic component of the country itself. Our mutual choice was USA New York. How my friend and I emigrated to the United States to New York I will let go and what thorns we both had to go through in the Russian Federation and through what. Emigration from Russia for LGBT people to the United States.
And now came the long-awaited day our wishes with a friend were fulfilled by the will of our mutual desires. We became US citizens and became US citizens. I work as a programmer in Silicon Valley. For a family life with a friend, we bought our own villa. Since the area was large, another LGBT couple from Denmark and Norway were allowed to live.
 Everything worked out perfectly in our family life, until the moment came in my life. I realized I need my own child. At our LGBT family council with my favorite friend, it was decided that we need to find a lesbian couple here in New York. In New York, there are clubs, LGBT communities, so finding a surrogate mother from a lesbian was not a big problem. There were more lesbian surrogate candidates than we needed, so there was a large selection of lesbian surrogate candidates. My beloved friend from St. Petersburg and I approached this issue of choosing a surrogate mother very carefully.Tmak as I myself grew up in a family of intellectuals in the fifth generation in Moscow and my friend also grew up in a family of intellectuals in St. Petersburg. It was a mutual decision that among the lesbians we will choose a surrogate mother only with good genes, from a decent family of noble origin. When the choice was made for a surrogate mother among lesbians. Our contract for the birth and upbringing of a common child was notarized by a notary.
 And then our daughter was born together, who had two dads and two mothers. It is worth admitting that they all gave birth to their only daughter, loved and even were jealous of each other, who our joint daughter loves more. Financial disputes between us did not arise because the lesbians did not earn bad money, that we were with a friend.
LGBTDisputes arose because we could only take our daughter with a friend for certain hours. Most of the time, our daughter grew up together, was brought up. lived with lesbians. On this basis, scandals began to arise not up to understanding. My friend and I started fighting a lot. My favorite friend, he once said. That he was tired of the scandal and misunderstandings in the relationship about our daughter together. That he does not intend to endure scandals for so long, but only to find another LGBT partner for life without scandals. When I realized that I could not cope with the situation of scandals and these scandals began to reflect on our business.
I made the decision to maintain the LGBT relationship with my daughter by any means necessary. I started looking for remote coding specialists in New York. It is worth admitting that it is very difficult to find a good strong parapsychologist in New York, as practice has shown that in New York there is simply no strong parapsychologist for remote coding of consciousness. And here is purely accidentally in YouTube saw video clip parapsychologist Grifokonod23 from Siberia Krasnoyarsk. When I called him on Wasab and Viber. We discussed the price of assistance. It turned out that a parapsychologist from Siberia, Gryphonokod23, for his services, asked only 50 thousand dollars to solve this issue positively.
Although here in New York, I personally paid parapsychologists in New York and 150 thousand dollars and 250 thousand dollars without a positive result.  Parapsychologist Gryphonokod23 from the Russian Federation, far Siberia, from the city of Krasnoyarsk, helped us and our family in solving this issue. Even the relationship with the mothers of both our joint daughter has become much better, as before without scandals. Later perhaps with our life story part of the script in the 2019 feature film Kinship, the year is partly similar to our LGBT family.  I am very grateful to the parapsychologist Gryphonocode 23 for remote coding, solutions to our LGBT situation.