I turned to the magician Nikolaevu the other day, I want to set aside my review of this magician. The magician is very good, helped me get my husband back, with whom we were separated for 2 years!!! We were separated, but we have a child together. The relationship did not go well, he cheated on me, did not want to join the family. I had to use the services of a magician. The sister addressed to the magician Nikolay, told that about it a lot of positive reviews,and advised it. 

For work the magician Nikolaev took 25T. R. the Husband came in three days. I came myself. It was morning, and my daughter and I were going to the children's garden, plaiting her braids and then the doorbell rang, I was very surprised who came so early, open and see my husband on the threshold. The daughter was happy, for her father-it's like a holiday. We didn't go to kindergarten that day. She begged and begged to be with daddy. 

I honestly was surprised, shocked and scared at the same time.

I immediately wrote to the magician Nikolay and told him that my husband had come. When Igor Leonidovich answered, he said that I still need to do at home myself. I did everything he told me, and my husband stayed home that day. The next day, he said that he wanted to talk to me very seriously. We closed in the kitchen and talked for a very long time, I told him everything that I had a headache, and what the magician Igor Nikolaev told me to tell him. My husband told me everything that he thinks about and what he wants. After that, he stayed and never left me again.

I somewhat regret the money spent for the work of the magician of Nikolaev. Although for me this is my entire salary, but I got my result! I got it! My husband is back. And he came back of his own accord. If it's not magic, what is it?

The magician Igor Nikolaev is a very strong magician, I know that. I saw for myself what he can do and what he can do. I can only say positive feedback about it and advise people. Because I was convinced of its power.

Angela. New York City

Igor Leonidovich, I have been looking for a good tarologist in new York for a long time and found you! Thank you for the layout! I liked everything so much, and how you read the cards and the layout that you made began to come true. Absolutely delighted! I will definitely come to you again.


Hello, Nikolaev! I could not write you a review for a long time, I was gathering my thoughts and decided to thank you like this. Igor Leonidovich, you know that I have long doubted you and your abilities. All the more that some forums write about you not very good. But I decided to go to you because you were recommended to me by friends who you helped, and I trust friends more than forums. And that's what I really want to say. I was not mistaken that I did not read all the dirt that is written about, as I already understood your competitors. You are a magician-a MAGICIAN with a capital letter. The fact that you came to work with me and the way you helped me is invaluable. I don't regret at all that I turned to you, that I listened to my friends. 

Thank you very much, Igor Leonidovich. I will never forget how you helped me during a really difficult period of my life. And now I will also recommend you to friends. A low bow to you.

Elena. New York City

Dear magician Nikolaev, thank you very much for taking on and solving my problem. Thank you very much. My husband no longer goes to see his mistress at work. He completely broke off with her, and I know that for sure. After your spell, it was completely changed. You can't imagine how she used to beat the doorsteps of our house, how she used to write to him, and nothing. He didn't answer her at all, I heard him tell her with my own ears that he didn't want to have any more relations with her. That family is more important to him, and he loves me. Igor Nikolaev – you are a real magician. You were able to do something that many people couldn't even hint at. Thank you! I gave your phone number to a friend of mine, told her to say it was from me. 

Elena. New York City

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