Magic services




1. Consultation from the magician Nikolaev

His personal techniques and techniques remotely via Skype are very popular not only in Russia, but are also in great demand . The opportunity to communicate with a real magician from Siberia is gaining more and more relevance today. Magician Igor Nikolaev has established himself not only as a real magician who can perform a magic rite and achieve the desired result, but also as a high-quality parapsychologist-psychic who can give qualified assistance on any issue and situation. 


2. Love spell

Due to the fact that the magician Igor Nikolaev is a generic sorcerer, he can perform complex rituals of ritual magic, knows old techniques and conspiracies that help, even when there is almost no way out. He will return loved ones at any cost. The magician of Nikolaev is known, appreciated and accepted by those who really want to get high-quality help, without deception. 


3. Tarot reading

Divination is an integral part of the services of the magician Igor . High-quality layouts using several decks of TAROT cards, Lenormand, Gypsy deck, and even generic pagan cards made by hand by the magician himself. The divination session includes viewing the situation by clairvoyance and answering any of your questions.


4. The removal of damage

Thanks to his knowledge and magical abilities, Igor helps not only in removing damage, lack of money and the evil eye. It can eliminate the crown of celibacy, remove the spell or cool, eliminate the generic curse and any other magical effect that negatively affects a person's life.


5. Money magic 

 The service of money magic is in particular demand. Igor can restore not only money luck, good luck in business or trade, but can help get a promotion or arrange a successful career. For those who are already engaged in their own business, they can attract profitable deals, attract the interest of investors, get the necessary orders, set up financial flows and completely improve the client's well-being.


6. Defensive magic

Protective magic from the magician Igor Nikolaev.  Business and career people put protection on their jobs and finances. Protection from negative influences from envious people will save you from your detractors.




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