Defensive magic

 Protective magic from Igor Leonidovich Nikolaev


The ritual of protective magic of Igor Nikolaevamnogie people do not even know how much in the modern world, magic and witchcraft is widespread. Many people go to Igor Leonidovich to use the services of protective magic and protect themselves and their loved ones.

Those who want to put protection from magic spells on their work or business, to protect or preserve their family and love relationships also apply. The service of protective magic is spread so much that people turn even in order to save their money and wealth, purchasing magic amulets and talismans of the magician for their wallets and safes in the house.

Protective magic from Igor Leonidovich Nikolaevamnogie know that Igor Leonidovich is a hereditary sorcerer in the fifth generation, and know how strong rites he conducts for his clients. There is a belief that if the rite of protective magic is put by a generic sorcerer who has the power of at least the third knee, such a magical action will be almost impossible to remove. That is why many people want to get protection from Igor Leonidovich as a strong sorcerer by right of birth. It is addressed by people from Russia, as well as from countries far and near Abroad.


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