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Spell from a hereditary magician Igor Leonidovich Nikolaev



Before ordering a love spell based on a photo and returning a loved one from the magician Igor Leonidovich Nikolaev, check out the types of love spells that are gaining more and more popularity. 




Spell ordinary


love spell chelovekaeto magical effect, with which you can attract a desired person, a loved one or a favorite. The person who has been exposed to the spell begins to worry, to be sad and sad, to be sad and to strive to be together with the initiator of the ritual.

 The spell is used to create a psychoemotional binding of one person to another, if only one person has strong feelings. 

However, before resorting to magic, you need to clearly understand a few important things:


First, the magic of a love spell is very strong. Remember, we are responsible for those who have been tamed. By ordering a rite, you are subjecting yourself to the will of the person, you are taking responsibility for the future well-being of not only yourself, but both of you.


Second, despite the power, the time spell of a loved one or a loved one is not infinite. For free or for money-nothing is eternal, we must remember this. A ritual based on a photo can be an impulse, the first decisive step in order to get a loved one; it is your task to maintain the fire of love after that.


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Heart love spell


love spell in a heart spell, the main focus is on arousing tender and romantic feelings. A person begins to strive for you with his heart, falls in love with you. He starts thinking about you, reaching out to you. The enchanted person has a languor for you, he wants to meet you. 

Such a person often begins to call first, offer to meet. He is ready to do everything that would only once again, to see you and be together.

This spell is good for young girls and women who want romance, who want to be loved and desired.

There are a lot of techniques for such a ritual, starting with pagan and ending with Voodoo. They can be done with initials, stitches, plots, with the help of candles, dolls, personal clothing, a lot of techniques. It all depends on the master and his school, what exactly he used to use. So do not be surprised if the wizard suddenly asks you for your animal's hair or leftover food from the table.




Sexual love spell 


a sexual spell is a binding of a person on a sexual level. Erotic ritual arouses lust in a person, animal desire. The person on whom the magic effect was performed will not experience romance and special tenderness as in the case of heart charms. This person will only want lust from the object, and nothing more.

In addition, the object of the spell will not want anyone except the initiator of the spell, and even if it has a close relationship with someone, no matter how much they resist, no matter how much they want, your image will stand before their eyes. When making love to someone else, he will represent you and no one else.

This type of sexual magic as a spell egilet is ideal for men who do not want a family life, but have interests in a particular woman. Or women who have been married for a long time and their man has ceased to perform marital duty. In one case or another, this ritual will only function as a sexual attachment and nothing more.



Prisska person


prisska of chelovecheskii a simple ritual in order to return a loved one is the spell and prisska person. This is a magical ritual that is less harmful than we have discussed earlier, but therefore less prolonged. 

Since prisska carries a short-term effect, and people will keep you on the subconscious for some time. The timing of the spell on time, stipulates the master himself. The maximum duration of drying per person is three months. They bind a person or a loved one, through white magic-conspiracies, so it does not carry any special danger to a person.

Usually, the ritual is used not only for the return of loved ones, but also for other people with whom you need to solve an unfinished business. This is a fairly reasonable price for those who want to use the services of a love spell, but are not willing to pay a lot of money. The cost of the ritual is the same, both for residents of Krasnoyarsk and for residents of Russia. 



Same-sex love spell


same-sex spell in our modern world, the demand for same-sex magic is increasing. With

responsibly and same-sex love spell is in great demand. Everything is subject to magic, even if a person with a normal orientation. A same-sex spell can bind a person to you. There is nothing wrong with what you love, no matter who. The magician is able to bind the person you want to you. 

Same-sex love spells are performed only through VOODOO magic, respectively, and the price of such rituals is quite high. However, everything will depend on the degree of complexity of your situation.



These are the main types of spell that are now performed by the magician Igor Nikolaev. Of course, before performing the ritual, it is necessary to make a diagnosis to understand whether you or the object have already been subjected to any magical influence.  Diagnosis is an integral part of any rites. Today, magician Igor Leonidovich Nikolaev is one of the most effective magicians in Krasnoyarsk. You can always make an appointment at any time convenient for you. All contact information can be found on the website in the contacts section.





Igor Nikolaev has established himself as a real magician and professional in conducting spell services. He has been practicing magic for almost 30 years, from 1989 to the present day, and holds the title of the leading sorcerer throughout Siberia.


 Especially popular are his services for a love spell. Igor Leonidovich does not just spend a spell returning people, he connects destinies, connects souls and returns the old love. It helps to get together even when people's relationships are strained and it seems quite hopeless to restore the connection. 




Working tool-horn of plenty magician Igor Nikolaev

If your situation is very difficult, he will do everything to get a positive result. Being a hereditary sorcerer by the right of the genus, he is subject to the techniques of both a strong love spell, and a love spell for passion. He can not only prisushit, bind the right person to you, but also make him love you with all his heart and soul, even if the person did not feel any feelings for you before.


Not many magicians can boast of such knowledge and ancient ancestral rituals that the magician Igor Nikolaev uses in his practice. 




Ancestral books of the magician Igor Leonidovich Nikolaev

All the rites were preserved in records, handwritten books that he inherited from his great-grandfather, the black sorcerer - Polish nobleman Emmanuel Viktorovich Vernitsky. A gift that was also passed on to him. The records preserved in the books are fraught with great power, among which the restoration of love relations occupies a special place. 





Igor Leonidovich does not have the edge of the complexity of the spell, he considers each situation individually, analyzing and selecting the techniques of the spell and rituals that will be effective in your case.


No two situations are the same, just as there are no identical relationships between people. Each case, the magician Igor Nikolaev considers individually. Depending on the complexity or age of your problem, the price for the spell service is deducted. 




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Magician Igor Nikolaev on the program channel center Krasnoyarsk, Igor Nikolaev is a unique person, with a unique gift, which was confirmed not only by grateful customers, but also by representatives of the media. Today, Igor Leonidovich is a media person in the field of magic and witchcraft. It is because it helps people that clients not only from Russia, but also from far and near abroad turn to it.




You can also use the services of a spell of a hereditary sorcerer in the fifth knee of Igor Leonidovich Nikolaev, you will immediately understand that he is the person you need. It is the magician who can help you.




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In order to better understand what kind of spell you should choose, we suggest reading about the meaning and types of this ritual.