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Magician Igor Nikolaev conducts a ritual of money magic for the customer. every businessman knows that money must work for itself, but not everyone knows how to manage the energy of money. Magician Igor Leonidovich Nikolaev knows and knows how to manage both cash flows and financial success. 


 Not all magicians are able to master this art. It is not enough just to have an inner strength or ability. Only through years of practice, experience, and knowledge can a sorcerer learn to control financial flows in favor of the customer.



This is what distinguishes the magician Igor Leonidovich Nikolaev from a simple sorcerer.  He does not just have the power of the title of the genus, he has the knowledge that is necessary to obtain the desired result for each client.



Certificates, diplomas and certificates of the magician Igor Nikolaev


Igor Leonidovich is a certified magician-psychic, he graduated from the non-traditional Academy with the highest degree of the master's degree. Has a full course of Munich parapsychology, higher courses of eniology in Moscow. He has many diplomas, certificates and certificates in the field of esotericism and magic. Today, he is an esoteric Professor of black magic, the Supreme master of the Wolf-eagle coven. All this allows him to perform rites of money magic at a highly professional level, individually for each client, achieving exactly the results that the customer wants to get.



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Телефон: 8 (391) 231-51-77 

Электронная почта: [email protected]

Адрес в Skype: mag-nikolaev